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October 2022 Issue


A Bostonian’s Guide to the White Mountains

Stretch your legs, lace up your hiking boots, and grab your water bottle—this choose-your-adventure guide is guaranteed to lead you to an unforgettable fall.


City Life

The Making (And Unmaking) Of Monica Cannon-Grant

In the wake of George Floyd’s slaying, the outspoken activist and nonprofit leader became a darling of the city’s power elite, who rolled out the red carpet and gave generously to her cause. Then the feds showed up.

City Life

The Boston Billionaires Club

A billion dollars sure is a lot of money. How 24 of the deepest pockets in town are shaping the city—and our lives.


Fifteen Cheers for Boston’s Top New Bars

Inside the hottest speakeasies, cocktail lounges, sake clubs, and more.


The 2022 Top Dentists List Is Here

Check out our complete guide to the region’s top providers.


City Life

The Little Things

Turns out, the most remarkable moments of the past few years have nothing to do with the pandemic at all.


Varsity Jacket Blues

Letterman jackets used to be for winners and cool kids. In today’s high schools, they’re about as popular as leg warmers and big hair. What happened?


The Interview: Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper

Now at the helm of a beleaguered BPS, new superintendent Mary Skipper is determined to make the grade.

Home Design

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Two-Story Roxbury Condo vs. A Charming Cape in Norwell

It’s amazing what a few miles can do to the market. This month, we compare a renovated condominium in the Fort Hill neighborhood with a 1700s-built home south of the city.

Home & Property

Spaces: The Road to Wellville

An aging primary bathroom gets a spa-like makeover.

Fashion + Style


Sleek Boots, and Five More Things on Chuck Bass’s Fall Must List

The popular Newbury Street stylist puts down his scissors to share a few of his October go-tos.

Life & Style

By the Book

Can an old-school bookstore not just survive but thrive in the era of Amazon and e-readers? Beacon Hill Books & Café owner Melissa Fetter sure thinks so.


What’s in Store: A Matter of Time

What makes Boston’s luxury watch scene tick? Well-stocked cases, rare treasures, and—in one case—an in-store cocktail bar.


Boston Traveler: Burlington, Vermont

Even in the fall, this foodie-friendly city on the banks of Lake Champlain offers plenty of reasons to get out on the water.


Pumpkin Power

Much more than a treat for your taste buds, this nutrient-packed gourd lends an impressive boost to the season’s most essential skin-care products.



Restaurant Review: A Riviera Runs Through It

What does “coastal Italian” mean, anyway? At Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette’s Faccia Brutta, it means a lot of things—most of them very, very good.