2016 Election


Elizabeth Warren Explains Why She Didn’t Run for President in 2016

In her new book, Sen. Elizabeth Warren explained why she decided against entering last year’s presidential election, despite persistent calls from progressives to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination. […]


How We Became Me

America was built on shared experiences, not solitary enterprises. After the most divisive election in the country’s history, is there any way back to E pluribus unum again?


Massachusetts Protesters Urge Electoral College to ‘Dump the Trump’

Outside the State House today, protesters trotted out a scarecrow in a suit and a too-long red tie protruding below its waistline. Atop its head […]


State House Anti-Hate Rally Draws Hundreds

In the latest and most organized act of defiance in Massachusetts against a Donald Trump presidency, an anti-hate rally at the State House drew hundreds […]


Another Effort to Scrap the Electoral College Is Brewing in Massachusetts

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 1.7 million votes—and counting. And yet it’s her opponent, Donald Trump, who’s assembling his cabinet and […]


Political Rants Lead to Chaos at Comics Come Home in Boston

Political rants about president-elect Donald Trump from comedians Wanda Sykes and Nick DiPaolo this weekend led to chaos at a cancer benefit at the TD […]


Mike Dukakis Hates the Electoral College

Donald Trump is about to become the president, even as his opponent’s share of the popular vote is larger and growing larger still. If that […]


Maine Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Some election results are known immediately. Some take a little longer, like the nailbiter of a finish between Maggie Hassan and Kelly Ayotte in New […]


Massachusetts Pot Shops Might Get Here Later Than You Thought

  Massachusetts reached a major milestone on Tuesday by electing to legalize recreational marijuana, but the state may not end up seeing its first legal […]

boston common anti trump protest

Photos from Boston’s Anti-Trump Protest on the Common

Thousands of Bostonians gathered in the Common Wednesday night to denounce President-Elect Donald Trump, following his improbable upset over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The anti-Trump […]


A Third of Massachusetts Voters Picked Trump. Here’s Where.

Donald Trump didn’t win in Massachusetts, and despite the fact that so much of what we assumed about the national election turned out to be […]

Scenes from Brass Union's Election Night party

So, How Did Those Election Day Restaurant Specials Go?

Suffice it to say the 2016 Presidential Election did not go the way many in Massachusetts had hoped it would. From Somerville beer bars to South […]

Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan Claims Victory Over Sen. Kelly Ayotte

Update, November 9, 6 p.m.: The Associated Press has formally declared the race for Hassan, and Ayotte has conceded. According to the Boston Globe, Ayotte […]


Angry, Sad, or Depressed After the Election? Try These Six Tips

If your preferred ballot measure or candidate–presidential or otherwise—lost last night, today likely seemed to dawn a gloomy day. There’s nothing wrong with feeling some […]


Clinton Concedes: ‘Our Best Days Are Still Ahead of Us’

Hillary Clinton feels the same combination of emptiness and incredulity that you do right now. “I know how disappointed you feel because I feel it, […]