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Do Not Come Between Lydia Edwards and the 2018 Red Sox World Series Trophy

Gonna be honest with you, it’s been a little overwhelming to follow the chaos that’s taken over the MLB over the past week. There’s a […]


The Boston City Council Candidate Who Lost by One Vote Won’t Challenge the Results

Wow. Just, wow. The biggest Boston City Council nail-biter in recent memory, which last night came down to a single vote has finally come to a […]


Someone Handed Out Bogus Fliers in Brighton ahead of the City Council Election

Exactly how this went down has yet to be determined, but a bogus campaign literature scheme on behalf of Boston City Council candidate Craig Cashman […]


How Things Shook Out in the 2019 Boston City Council Election

The results of the 2019 municipal election are in, and it looks like the transformation of Boston’s City Council will continue. For the first time […]


Video: Boston City Councilor Tim McCarthy Brags about Winning against “Women” and “Minorities”

Boston City Councilor Tim McCarthy was clearly in high spirits the night of September 24, in the hours following the preliminary city council elections. After […]


Where Is This Year’s Ayanna?

Boston, 2018: land of political upheaval; burial ground for complacent incumbents; a city of voters lifting bold upstarts to surprising victories. Boston, 2019: eh, not […]


Should Boston Ban Masked Protesters?

After a chaotic two weeks that followed a troll army’s “straight pride” parade—which touched off a legal battle over whether to prosecute the nearly three-dozen people arrested while opposing their message, as […]

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Boston City Council Votes to Support Green New Deal

The Boston City Council passed a resolution in support of the Green New Deal Wednesday, joining Democratic lawmakers in Washington in calling for federal action […]


Is Hempfest a Bad Neighbor? Boston’s City Council Will Weigh the Question

Could this be the end of the Boston Freedom Rally as we know it? For decades, pro-marijuana activists have held their annual gathering, also known […]


Suspects Arrested in a Drug and Gun Sweep Include a Former Staffer for Michelle Wu

The group of 29 suspects in a massive gun and drug sweep in Boston and Brockton includes a former staffer for Boston City Councilor Michelle […]


A City Council Idea Could Slow the Starbucks-ification of Boston

Sick of chains like Starbucks pushing out small businesses and swapping local character for squeaky clean corporate sheen? Boston’s City Council has an idea that would […]

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Boston’s City Council Just Passed an Overhaul of Airbnb

It’s the start of a new era for Airbnb in Boston. Boston’s City Council on Wednesday voted 11-2 to adopt new rules for short-term rentals, […]


Airbnb Came After Michelle Wu and Whiffed, Hard

Airbnb’s unusual campaign to target Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu appears to have backfired big time. The short-term rental company this week blasted a message […]

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Frankie Shaw Responds to City Councilor Ed Flynn’s SMILF Criticisms

Well, that was fast. A Boston City Councilor’s criticism of posters for the Showtime TV show SMILF erupted into a controversy that reached out into a few parts of […]

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Boston City Council Votes to Ban Plastic Bags

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates as many as one trillion plastic bags—more than 31,700 per second—are used annually worldwide. But Boston will soon curb its contributions to that […]