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Long Reads

City Life

Out for Blood: The Cape’s Biggest Shark Researchers Just Can’t Get Along

Walking down the dock at Long Wharf in August 2020, I was giddy with anticipation. Ulysse Nardin, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, had invited me to […]


One Survivor’s Quest to End Sexual Assault at Schools

The email brought me to a standstill. There was nothing unusual about receiving a mass mailing from Milton Academy, the swanky private school I attended […]

City Life

Can MIT’s Tim Berners-Lee Save the Web?

It’s a muggy July morning, and Tim Berners-Lee—the man who once upon a time invented the World Wide Web and now wants to reinvent it—is […]

City Life

Is Boston America’s Most Racist City? Ask a Black Bostonian for Once

As I watched the Celtics’ fourth playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets this past spring, I found myself not just praying that the Celts would […]

City Life

Don’t Nantucket My Newburyport

Steve Karp, as the story goes, was driving with his wife and children out to Great Point, Nantucket, that wild and protected tip of the […]

City Life

Will We Ever Solve the Childcare Crisis?

Every weekend, from the summer of 2018 until the start of the pandemic, Ana Lavour had a ritual, albeit not a very relaxing one. Whenever […]

City Life

Shipwrecked: A Shocking Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival in the Deep Blue Sea

Adrift in the middle of the ocean, no one can hear you scream. It was a lesson Brad Cavanagh was learning by the second. He […]

City Life

Why I Don’t Like Golf but Learned to Play Anyway

Recently, I posted a picture of myself on Instagram getting ready to play golf. This may not sound like a shocking turn of events, but […]


Chef Jen Royle Will Cook, Say, Tweet, and Do Anything She Likes

Jen Royle isn’t one for boundaries. It’s something I learn firsthand on my way to meet the chef at her home on the fringes of […]

City Life

What Would It Take for Boston to Become a Car-Free City?

In late May, three dozen people gathered online to ponder post-pandemic life in Boston. There were hospital workers, nannies, software developers, biotech researchers, analysts, and […]

City Life

The Man Who Fell to Earth

During the summers, a constant stream of luxury cars could be seen pulling into the crushed-gravel drive on Low Beach Road in ’Sconset, delivering guests […]

City Life

What If the Most Dangerous Person You’ve Ever Known Turned Out to Be Your Lover?

After a long day of teaching special-needs students at a middle school, Lisa Ziegert hopped in her car and drove over to her night job […]

City Life

Driving with Cough Drops While Black

It started as the most mundane of Saturday mornings. Imran Laltaprasad had just picked up his buddy Francisco Torres Jr. in Weymouth, and the two […]

City Life

Inside the Fight over a Billion-Dollar South Shore Beer Empire

There is a mysterious building along Route 3 in Kingston that just about everyone in Boston has seen when driving home from the Cape but […]

City Life

Can “Quarantine and Chill” Last a Little Longer, Please?

I was standing by the microwave when I heard Edward shout from another room, “I got my vaccine appointment!” I winced. Not outwardly, of course: […]