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Who’s to Blame When a Violent Offender Gets Bailed Out?

When Shawn McClinton was released from jail in July, according to police, the twice-convicted rapist didn’t waste much time before he struck again. Awaiting trial […]

City Life

Mayor Walsh on Sunday Night’s Protest Clash: “We Will Not Be Defeated by This”

As cleanup crews work to scrub away the graffiti and sweep up the shrapnel and broken glass left in the streets of downtown Boston, Mayor […]

City Life

Power List Q&A: U.S. Attorney, District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling

Lelling belongs near the top of this list, one local insider says, simply because he has all of the other most powerful people in Boston […]

City Life

Is Massachusetts Gearing up For a #MassExit?

From Beacon Hill to city halls, local politicians are inching ever closer to launching the state’s first safe injection facilities (SIFs)—and in doing so, igniting […]

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Rachael Rollins Locks in Her Next Target: The Straight Pride Police

While the Massachusetts Supreme Court deemed her the victor in her showdown with Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard Sinnott yesterday, Rachael Rollins isn’t done with the […]

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The Law According to Rachael Rollins

The first thing I notice when I walk into Rachael Rollins’s downtown corner office is the impressive wraparound windowsill jam-packed with plaques, diplomas, statuettes, and […]

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Trump on Boston Radio Show: Mass. DA’s “Don’t Mind Crime”

Appearing on Boston Herald Radio Wednesday, President Trump for the first time weighed in on a bid from two Massachusetts district attorneys to target ICE with a lawsuit, […]

City Life

ICE Does Not Belong in Courtrooms, DAs Say in New Lawsuit

In what will be an unprecedented immigration battle between local and federal officials, two Massachusetts district attorneys are filing a lawsuit to keep ICE agents out of state courts. […]

City Life

The Justin Fairfax Sexual Assault Case May Get a Boston Investigation

As you may have heard, Virginia is a complete mess right now. Two (yes two!) of the state’s leaders admit to having worn blackface in their past, […]