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November 2019 Issue


Boston’s Top 50 Restaurants 2019

Dig into our all-new, delightfully subjective ranking of the city’s best places to eat right now.


Arts & Entertainment

A Photo Guide to Boston’s Murals

Artists are transforming Boston into an outdoor museum.

City Life

Hate Has a Home Here

Hate crimes against Boston-area Jews are on the rise. Are we ignoring all the signs of something even worse to come?


Has This Man Discovered the Fountain of Youth?

Not yet­—but Harvard’s David Sinclair sure is getting rich, famous, and having a blast while trying.



The Interview: Ron Shaich

The fast-casual restaurant titan opens up about the challenges of building a $7.5 billion company and his midnight dreams about gluten.


City Life

Is Emerson College the Smartest Developer in Town?

As the school wraps up a massive facelift on the Common, it just may have cracked the secret to building in Boston.

Arts & Entertainment

Rock Around the Clock

Is this a new golden age of live music in Boston?

City Life

No News Is Bad News

Journalism in Boston’s suburbs isn’t just in crisis—it barely even exists.

Arts & Entertainment

Influencer: Space Explorers

Spaceus cofounders Ellen Shakespear and Stephanie Lee are filling the city’s nooks and crannies with unexpected art.

City Life

Rumble in the Garden

Which local franchise reigns supreme?

City Life

The Long Goodbye

Governor Charlie Baker has done everything he can to distance himself from the GOP except walk away. It’s time he does just that.

Home Design

Home & Property

Spaces: A Room with a View

How to combine classic and contemporary style in one space? Look to the sky.

Home & Property

Covet: Bon Appetit!

This French luxury brand’s stunning ranges are loved by famous actors and celebrity chefs alike.

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Spacious Milton Colonial vs. a Slick Cambridge Condo

It’s amazing what a few miles will do to the market.

Fashion + Style

Life & Style

What’s in Store: Hot Off the Press

Ditch the drugstore stationery display in favor of creative cards and accessories from these local letterpresses.


Impulse Buy: All Tied Up

Not just for little girls anymore, the bow is back this fall in a big, bold way.


The Lust Lineup: Easy Being Green

The perfect recipe for a standout fall look? A sprinkling of pistachio, a dash of mint, and a squeeze of lime.


Object of Desire: A Chicer Sneaker

Venetian apparel company Golden Goose carefully crafts the lived-in look of their cozy fall footwear.


Boston Traveler: Barbados

Take a train ride to a rum distillery, catch a wave on white-sand beaches, and make friends with the resident green monkeys on this culturally rich Caribbean island.


City Life

Are We Living in the Most Corrupt Era of Our State’s History?

Turns out, scandals have been in the news since the very beginning.


Arts & Entertainment

18 Ways to Get the Most out of College Town USA

Fun classes, big-name speakers, and luxe amenities for everyone (not just students).



The Top 50 Restaurants in Boston in 2019

Our annual list of the top 50 restaurants in Boston for the year of 2019.



The Art of Self-Defense

Protect your health and well-being this month at one of these local martial-arts classes.