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Why You Can’t Get an Uber or Lyft in Boston Right Now

Remember when you could call an Uber or Lyft from anywhere in Boston, and be all but assured a car would show up in a […]


Nine Passengers at Logan Airport Were Screened for Coronavirus, but It’s All Good

The spread of a deadly virus in China has health officials around the world on high alert, and Boston is no different. We saw those […]

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Hazards of Living Near Logan Airport Include Slides Falling from the Sky

Sailing like a meteor over Boston, a large silver bundle plummeted to earth this weekend, crashing onto someone’s front lawn in Milton. What was this […]

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How to Save Transportation in Boston: Big Ideas

Additional reporting by Spencer Buell, Jacqueline Cain, Brittany Jasnoff, and Alyssa Vaughn. Ride Above the Streets Bill James Founder and CEO, JPods JPods are an […]

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When Will People Learn You Can’t Fly Drones near Logan Airport?

At this point, we’re several years into the rise of the personal-use UAV phenomenon, so you’d think people who fly drones would learn their lesson by […]

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As Surveillance Goes Mainstream, Can Boston Tame Big Brother?

How many times do you think your face has been captured and plugged into an AI database today? Your mug, after all, is being scanned, […]


Logan Airport’s Top Airline Showdown: JetBlue vs. Delta

JetBlue Terminal Experience: While it shares a few gates with other airlines, JetBlue dominates Terminal C, arguably Logan’s finest. Grab a flight of Sam Adams […]

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Massport Has Some Big Plans for Improving Traffic at Logan

All Boston travelers know that if you’re headed to Logan after work on a Friday, on Thanksgiving Eve, or literally any day in December, you better […]

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A Smelly Flight to London Had to Be Grounded at Logan Airport

There are infinite sources of anxiety on airplanes, but chief among them is the sense that for at least several hours, you’re trapped. Especially mid-flight, […]

Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse will open this fall inside Terminal C at Logan Airport

Attention Passengers: A New App Is Providing In-Airport Food Delivery at Logan

We’ve all been there: After an over-priced ride-share or an arduous Blue Line commute, you arrive at Logan Airport harried and sweaty, lugging your bags […]

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Logan Airport Food Workers OK a Strike, Plan Day of Action before Fourth of July

Cue the fireworks. Hundreds of workers who prepare food and drinks for planes at Logan Airport are threatening to walk off the job, and have just […]

A plane leaves Boston Logan Airport with the city skyline in the background
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Charlie Baker Backs Proposed Ridesharing Changes at Logan

Update: Massport on Thursday approved a compromise plan for ride-share trips at airports that will: ban curbside pickups at airport terminals; allow curbside drop-offs only between the hours of […]

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Wow Air Abruptly Shut Down, Stranding People in Boston and Elsewhere

Wow Air, the Icelandic company that offered extremely cheap flights to Europe, has abruptly shut down, leaving passengers adrift in Boston and other cities on both […]

A plane leaves Boston Logan Airport with the city skyline in the background
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Ubering to Logan Airport Might Get More Expensive and Less Convenient

Your Uber home from the airport could be getting more expensive and less convenient, thanks to a new Massport proposal. The plan, meant to alleviate […]

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A Massport Truck Stolen at Logan Airport Has Been Found

A stolen Massport truck was returned to Logan Airport in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Officials say the truck was stolen from the curb […]