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The MFA’s (Un)expected Families Exhibit Puts a Twist on Classic Family Portraits

The MFA’s (un)expected families exhibit opens this Saturday, exploring the different definitions of family across multiple generations, romantic relationships, and unique family structures. From antique, […]

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The MFA Is Receiving a Huge Collection of Dutch and Flemish Art

The Museum of Fine Arts has announced a huge expansion of their collection of Dutch and Flemish art. They’ll be receiving 113 paintings from Rose-Marie […]

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The MFA Is Launching “Late Nites” This Week

Attention all night owls, art lovers, and folks who fall into both of those categories—the MFA is launching a new after-hours event this week. MFA […]

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The Interview: Matthew Teitelbaum

The MFA director reveals the secret to buying art and the one local he really hopes will come for a visit (hint: his initials are TB).

Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
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The MFA and Uniqlo Announce 10-Year Partnership

The Museum of Fine Arts announced a partnership with minimalist Japanese retailer Uniqlo, to plan for 10 years of Japanese art, activities, and appreciation. The collaboration […]

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“Showdown! Kuniyoshi vs. Kunisada” Opens at the Museum of Fine Arts

When budding artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi saw his fellow apprentice, Utagawa Kunisada, float down the river on a boat surrounded by beautiful women, Kuniyoshi resolved to […]


Real Wedding: Caroline Gammill & Nathan Rothstein

December 31, 2016 Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts THE STORY Sometimes the greatest love stories start with friendship. So it was for Bay State […]

MFA Boston Bapo Exhibit
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The MFA Gives Chinese Bapo Painting a Spotlight

“China’s 8 Brokens”, the newest exhibit coming to the Museum of Fine Arts, offers the first ever dedicated American museum exhibition of Chinese bapo painting. A revolutionary style […]

David Ortiz Fist Bump
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See David Ortiz’s Championship Rings at the MFA

If you’ve always thought David Ortiz’s baseball skills were essentially a fine art, you’re about to be vindicated: His championship rings will be on display […]

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Photos: The Making of Art in Bloom at the MFA

At 6:30 a.m. on Friday morning, a parade of flower-filled wagons wheeled into the Museum of Fine Arts. Heaps of orchids, roses, and ranunculus were whisked away into […]

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The MFA Brings Renaissance Italy to Boston with Botticelli Exhibition

Boston is getting a taste of the Renaissance this summer. “Botticelli and the Search for the Divine,” the largest exhibition of Sandro Botticelli’s paintings ever […]

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“Matisse in the Studio” Offers a Look into the Artist’s World

Eclectic, personal, and vibrant, “Matisse in the Studio” at the Museum of Fine Arts offers you the chance to delve into Henri Matisse’s whimsical world of figures, […]

Henryk Ross
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“Memory Unearthed” Opens at the Museum of Fine Arts

A new exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts offers a rare glimpse into daily life inside a Jewish ghetto in World War II Poland. […]

Arts & Entertainment

New MFA Exhibition Focuses on Deportation, Displacement, and Erasure

On March 25, “’I Must Tell You What I Saw’: Objects of Witness and Resistance,” an exhibition of works that depict the displacement and silencing […]


Spring Fashion Inspired by Henri Matisse

Fashion imitates art as the lavish work of Henri Matisse, on view this spring at the Museum of Fine Arts, inspires the season’s boldest and brightest looks.