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City Life

When Did Boston Become a Doodle Town?

What kind of dog is it? Caribbean reef walker. Puzzled look. It’s the official dog of Antigua. Still puzzled, but now there’s intrigue. See his […]

City Life

We Finally Found a Car that Belongs on Newbury Street

Open Newbury Street, the periodic banning of cars from the popular Back Bay shopping destination, has become one of Bostons most celebrated experiments in pedestrian-only […]

City Life

Anatomy of a Pet Rescue

What do you do when you’re trapped at home with little to do in the middle of a pandemic? If you’re like many locals, you […]

City Life

Inside the Underground Pipeline Bringing Pets to Massachusetts

In the predawn hours of October 19, 2020, Plymouth plumber Robert Fleming Jr. rose from bed and began getting ready for work, trying his best […]

City Life

Reopening in Massachusetts: A Cambridge Dog Groomer with a 125-Pupper Waiting List

Like many of the businesses of East Cambridge’s First Street, pet supply and grooming store Loyal Companion draws much of its customer base from the […]

City Life

“Lobster,” “Gronk,” “Brady”: What Bostonians Are Naming Their Dogs

Walk the streets of Boston, and you might just run into a “Lobster,” a “Brady,” or a “Gronk.” Maybe you’ll meet “Shamrock,” the Italian greyhound […]

City Life

A Drain-Clogging Dog Owner Has Spurred a “Poopgate” in Canton

An unscrupulous dog owner in Canton, whose poop disposal technique put an entire neighborhood—and the very environment—at risk, has caused a stir in their home […]

City Life

Puppies Rescued from Puerto Rico Are up for Adoption in Massachusetts

Eight dogs, including five 8-9 week old puppies, have just arrived in Massachusetts from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and will soon be available for adoption, the […]

City Life

Good Dogs Rescued from Hurricane Irma Were in Boston Today

It hasn’t been an easy summer for pets from areas impacted by devastating storms this summer. But on Friday afternoon, a handful of rescue dogs from Florida […]

City Life

Uxbridge Police: Help Us Find The “Low Life” Who Threw Puppies in a River

Update: As Uxbridge police continue an investigation that involves reviewing security footage and seeking contact with a biker who may have been a witness, People […]

City Life

Two Boston Dogs Headed to the Puppy Bowl

When the Puppy Bowl—that adorable spectacle that airs on Animal Planet the day of the Super Bowl—hits TV screens around the country, look for two local […]

Arts & Entertainment

Photos from the 2016 Canine Promenade on the Esplanade

This past Sunday, dog owners and their furry costumed companions paraded a half-mile stretch of the Esplanade for the sixth annual Canine Promenade. The fall […]

City Life

Dog Park in JP Closes to Save a Family of Bunnies

Updated Tuesday, Sept. 13, 10:15 a.m.: The bunnies, according to the MSPCA, have left their sanctuary and have rejoined the Jamaica Plain community outside the dog park. […]

City Life

MSPCA Flooded with Donations for Dog Who Bit Off His Own Foot

It’s time to take a victory lap, folks. You did some good this week. The heartbreaking story of a Massachusetts dog forced to bite off part […]

City Life

PSA: Don’t Freaking Leave Your Dogs in Hot Freaking Cars

Please, for the love of man’s best friend, do not leave your dogs in hot cars this summer. It should be obvious at this point, […]