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parking ticket in copley square
City Life

The Insider’s Guide to Getting Out of a Parking Ticket in Boston

Picture it: You just finished up a successful business meeting downtown. Or you’re done with your shopping in the Seaport and now you’re headed back […]

City Life

What a Boston Towing Bill of Rights Could Do for You

The experience is humbling: You make one wrong move—fail to decipher a notoriously complex Boston parking sign, or tempt fate in a private lot for […]

Home & Property

The Only Property in Boston Left for Under $200k? Parking Spaces

You’re hitting the real estate market. You don’t have much to spend. You’re looking for some property in a market that’s notoriously pricey. Well, have […]

City Life

Boston Gave Up Hundreds of Parking Spaces to Outdoor Seating. It Should Keep Going

A friend of mine moved to Philadelphia early last year, so he hadn’t seen the new North End—the way it looks in 2021, utterly blanketed with […]

City Life

An Insider’s Guide to Parking near Fenway Park on Game Days

The fans are back at Fenway. And, unfortunately, so are Sox fans’ cars. As the park resumes 100 percent capacity games, it has once again […]

City Life

A Survival Guide to Parking in the North End

It’s date night. You’re ready to hit the town on one of Boston’s increasingly warm and pleasant evenings, possibly on one of the city’s new […]

City Life

Parking in Boston May Be Getting More Expensive

If Boston Mayor Marty Walsh gets his way, parking in Boston is about to get a lot more expensive. Walsh’s proposal would raise the citywide minimum fee from […]

A two-hour parking sign
City Life

Great News If You Love Higher Parking Fines in Boston

Attention double-parkers, meter non-feeders, and street sweeping day-forgetters: Beginning Monday, July 2, it’s about to get a lot more expensive to be you. In an effort […]

A row of parking meters
City Life

Parking Technology in Brookline Leads to Unwarranted Tickets

Getting a parking ticket is the sludge-flavored icing on a bad day cake. But as drivers prove the tickets tacked to their windshields are errant, […]

City Life

Here’s Where Boston Issues the Most Parking Tickets

When it’s not the meters, it’s a snow emergency. And if it’s neither of those, it’s probably a resident-only spot or home to some very specific street-cleaning […]

City Life

Here’s How to Get Around Boston for the 2017 Marathon

The 2017 Boston Marathon is almost here. And if you’ve ever done this before you know that, on Boston’s busiest weekend, it’s not exactly easy […]

City Life

Marty Walsh Has Called for a Crackdown on Mean Space Saver Notes

Even when it snows, you need to keep your cool. So put your boxcutters and weaponized car keys away, and—says Mayor Marty Walsh—don’t add any mean […]

City Life

Space Savers Are Banned in the South End

Is that smart planning, or policy for the privileged?

City Life

Space Saver Season Begins with Aggressive Note in Southie

Right on schedule, it looks like space saver season has arrived. The first major storm of the year brought with it this prime specimen of […]

Home & Property

On the Market: A Double Parking Spot on Comm. Ave.

76 Commonwealth Avenue Price: $425,000 Size: 200 square feet Bedrooms: 0 Baths: 0 Instead of a mid-sized home in the suburbs or smallish condo in the city, consider dropping $425,000 […]