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May 2019 Issue

City Life

The Powers That Will Be

Younger, bolder, and more diverse than ever: 28 people who are shaping the future of Boston.


City Life

Blood in the Water

As the region’s shores increasingly become a hotbed for great white sharks, is it finally time to be afraid to go in the ocean—for real?


The Ultimate Guide to New England’s Cheese Revolution

New England cheese is taking over the world, one glorious Gouda, goat cheese, and cheddar at a time.

City Life

Showdown in Eastie

Old-timers. Immigrants. Millennials. Developers. Who will win in the fight for the city’s last frontier?


City Life

The Interview: David McCullough

The Pulitzer Prize–winning historian wants the nation to remember its better angels.

City Life

How to Throw Your Memories Away

Clearing out old stuff from a parent’s house has become a rite of passage. But what are you really getting rid of?



Batter Up

Duck confit and fried lobster—on waffles? Chefs give the breakfast staple a spring makeover.


Small Bite: A New Place to Meat

A Top Chef alum carves out a Beacon Hill crowd-pleaser.


Tastemaking: Aye Aye, Captain

How Privateer Rum’s Maggie Campbell is blazing new trails in spirits—and setting the boys’ club of booze on fire.


Obsessions: Jenny Knows Best

Food-media maven Jenny Johnson shares her keys to eating and living well in Boston—with baby in tow.


Dining Out: Kamakura

A bold-for-Boston Japanese restaurant is a polished, if imperfect, exercise in ambition.

Fashion + Style

Arts & Entertainment

What’s In Store: Best in Show

Big concert hall or cozy club? Find the music venue that’s right for your next night out.

Life & Style

Object of Desire: Fresh Paint

A local designer releases a denim collection painted by Boston artist Heloisa Fitzgerald.


Impulse Buy: Natural Beauties

Weave straw handbags into your wardrobe this season.


The Lust Lineup: Mellow Yellow

Just in time for warmer days, sunny shades are brightening up looks from head to toe.


Boston Traveler: Edinburgh

A new direct flight makes it easier than ever to see kilts fly and taste the whiskey in Edinburgh.

Home Design

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Pond-Front Plymouth Home vs. a Beacon Hill Condo

It’s amazing what a few miles will do to the market.

Home & Property

Covet: Set in Stone

Master sculptors hand-crafted a one ton soaking tub, on display in Watertown.

Home & Property

Spaces: Making a Splash

A flashy pool house gets a maritime-chic makeover.


Arts & Entertainment

Influencer: Bethany Van Delft Is No Joke

Comedian Bethany Van Delft on honing her craft and activism through laughs.

City Life

It’s Time to Rethink Nuclear

Nuclear power plants promise to be safer, cheaper, and more efficient. So why don’t we build more?


Graduation Speaker Showdown!

Harvard and MIT’s graduation speakers go head to head.

Arts + Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

The Must List

Seven can’t-miss things to do, see, and read this month.



The New Hangover Fix?

Is trendy IV therapy the new go-to hangover cure, or just fancy Gatorade?