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places to propose helicopter

Seven Unforgettable Places to Propose in Boston

Let’s face it: Your proposal is going to be memorable no matter where you get down on one knee, but choosing a locale with a little extra wow-factor […]

Ron the sea lion pup

Ron the Sea Lion Pup Has Turned One

We’re not sure about the rest of you, but we here at Boston are big fans of Ron the sea lion pup, one of the […]


A “1-in-30 Million” Orange Lobster Will Be Donated to the Aquarium

An incredibly rare orange lobster will be spared the fate of becoming dinner and will be donated to the New England Aquarium after it was […]


The New England Aquarium Has Picked a New CEO for a New Era

As the New England Aquarium faces down a new era—with a major development on the horizon, persistent threats to the oceans around the world, and sea level […]

The snowy Aquarium stop

The Aquarium Station Is Back Open after Flooding

The MBTA probably didn’t intend for the Aquarium station to turn into an actual marine habitat when it was named, but thanks to the flooding that […]


Sharks Are No Longer a Boys Club, Say Women in Boston This Week

A lot has changed since Alison Kock first started making a name for herself chasing sharks. The South African researcher, who now works for the […]


Ron the Sea Lion Pup Is Now on Public View at the Aquarium

Earlier this summer the New England Aquarium shared the exciting news that one of their California sea lions, five-year-old Tipper, had given birth to the […]


The Canadian Who Died Saving a Whale Will Be Missed by the Aquarium

Joe Howlett, the Canadian fisherman who died last week rescuing a whale from a net, has gotten resounding praise and tributes for the selfless act that cost […]


The New England Aquarium Has a New Sea Lion Pup

The New England Aquarium is celebrating after the birth of a new California sea lion pup. The little guy is named Ron and he is […]


Check Out the New England Aquarium’s Baby African Penguins

The New England Aquarium is welcoming a new batch of endangered African penguin chicks to the world—some of the last of their kind that are […]


Seals at the New England Aquarium Are Eating Fish Doughnuts Today

Sure, us humans are indulging in all the doughnuts we can today—it is National Doughnut Day, after all, so we don’t have a choice—but why […]


How a Freak Accident Killed Commander, Boston’s Most Beloved Seal

There were high hopes for Commander when he rolled into Boston last year. The nearly seven-foot, 500-pound northern fur seal—one of only nine such animals […]


Killer Whale Spotted Near the Cape

A Cape Cod boat captain was treated to a rare sight on Monday: an orca, or killer whale, just a few miles from the Chatham […]


New England Aquarium’s Anacondas Get Their Yearly Checkup

Meet Wilson, the New England Aquarium’s 12-foot, 55-pound anaconda. She is the smallest of her friends. Wilson and her tankmates Marrion and Kathleen from the Aquarium’s Amazon […]

An octopus swims.
Arts & Entertainment

‘Tentacles Take Hold’ at the New England Aquarium

What has three hearts, blue blood, and tastes with its skin? Hint: it’s headed to the New England Aquarium. Two giant Pacific octopuses will be at […]