Throwback Thursday


TBT: The Battle That Started the Revolutionary War

The British were coming, but unlike what Schoolhouse Rock would have you believe, Paul Revere probably didn’t scream about it from atop his horse. Alerting the townsfolk […]


TBT: Counter Culture Icon and Radical Activist Abbie Hoffman Dies

Worcester native Abbie Hoffman was a legend. The prolific activist and counterculture icon pioneered the Yippie movement of the 1960s and made national headlines for […]


TBT: Historic Photos of the Glorious Fenway Park

Ah, Fenway: the country’s oldest ballpark and a true field of dreams. The park opened on April 20, 1912, and has been home to Red […]

a portrait of Dorothea Dix

TBT: Dorothea Dix Visits East Cambridge Jail for the First Time

Getting political traction and starting a revolution is no small task—especially if you’re a woman in the 19th century. But Dorothea Dix was one of […]

photo of Harvard Medical school

TBT: Trial for Murder at Harvard Medical School Begins

True crime is dramatized in every corner of the entertainment world. From Serial and Law and Order to Making a Murderer and American Crime Story, there is no shortage […]


TBT: Maine Becomes a State, Breaks Up with Massachusetts

Ah, Maine, that beautiful enigma. It’s got stunning vacation homes, the “prestigious” marker of being the first official dry state, and the honor of hosting the iconic Oxford comma […]


TBT: Sophia Smith Endows Smith College for Women

Wealthy people bestow their fortunes upon all sorts of recipients: descendants, charitable causes, and mutual funds so large they make the 99 percent dizzy. But […]


TBT: First Group of Women Arrested for Witchcraft in Salem

On February 29, 1692, rumors of witchcraft in Salem were bubbling to a boil when warrants were issued for the arrest of three women. Several […]

Two unidentified people look at entrance of Brink's Inc., an armored truck firm's garage on Prince Street, in Boston, Massachusetts, Jan. 17, 1950, where seven gunmen tied up five employees and robbed an open vault of "more than $500,000 in cash." Police, reconstructing the holdup, said the robbers reached the vault on the second floor of the garage by opening six locked door, "probably with a passkey."

Throwback Thursday: The Brink’s Armored Car Robbery

It was the perfect crime—right up until they got caught. On January 17, 1950, a group of nine armed men walked into the Brink’s armored […]


TBT: Whitey Bulger Fled Boston after Being Tipped off by Childhood Friend

James Joseph Bulger Jr. was born in Dorchester, the second of six children raised in a South Boston public-housing project. He was a troublemaker, a […]


TBT: Good Will Hunting Hit Theaters 20 Years Ago

Before Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were Oscar winners, they were two boys from Cambridge, best friends dreaming of careers on the big screen. “We […]


TBT: The Final Blast through Hoosac Mountain

As the United States built its economy in the early 1800s, it became apparent to New Englanders that geography was barring them from trade with […]


Throwback Thursday: The Glory Days of Quincy Granite

It may not be part of the Boston skyline, but in Charlestown, the Bunker Hill Monument remains an iconic point. The granite obelisk stands over 200 […]


Throwback Thursday: The Great Northeast Blackout

Bustling roads, busy streets, and packed train cars. It was rush hour on the evening of November 9, 1965, and everyone had somewhere they need to […]

An old bell hangs in a museum

Throwback Thursday: Proof of Sunken Pirate Ship Found near Wellfleet

The year was 1715, and a 100-foot ship by the name of Whydah sailed out of London at the command of Lawrence Prince. The ship was fast, an […]