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Throwback Thursday

Lefty Grove throws a pitch
City Life

Throwback Thursday: Lefty Grove’s 20-Game Home Win Streak Ends

In 1941, baseball looked a little different. Ted Williams was working on passing the .400 mark. The St. Louis baseball team was called the Browns. And […]

A man in a suit is flanked by two police officers
City Life

Throwback Thursday: The First Victim of the Boston Strangler Is Found

Anna Slesers was a seamstress. She was a mother. She was supposed to be at a church memorial service. But Anna Slesers became a victim. […]

A gigantic mansion in black and white
City Life

Throwback Thursday: A Look at White Court, the Swampscott Mansion

Calvin Coolidge is remembered for being quiet. He liked business. He liked tax cuts. He liked to take naps. He also, for one summer at […]

The Ted Williams Statue outside Fenway Park
City Life

Throwback Thursday: Meet Carroll Hardy, the Only Player to Bat for Ted Williams

Carroll Hardy may not be a household name, but he sure did pinch hit for a few of them. The journeyman outfielder made a habit […]

A lithograph of Preston Brooks beating Charles Sumner with a cane
City Life

Throwback Thursday: The Caning of Charles Sumner

If Congress today seems rife with friction, factions, fire, and fury, it’s nothing compared to the chambers’ disposition leading up to the Civil War. Abolitionist […]

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - May 28, 2016: Daytime view of the oldest public school in America located in the Longwood Medical District

Throwback Thursday: Massachusetts Passes the Nation’s First Compulsory Education Law

Massachusetts knows a thing or two about school. Sure, this time of year “Pomp and Circumstance” may play around Boston more often than whatever bop […]

Bruce Springsteen holds a guitar on stage in front of a drummer
City Life

Throwback Thursday: Bruce Springsteen Plays in Cambridge

He was still a quarter-century away from his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; over a decade ahead of his first Grammy; […]

City Life

Throwback Thursday: Cy Young Throws a Perfect Game

Twenty-seven up, 27 down. No hits. No walks. Not a single runner on base. Perfection. Cy Young, the legendary hurler for whom Major League Baseball’s top […]

City Life

TBT: The Early Days of Quincy Market

In 1823, Josiah Quincy didn’t like his view. Faneuil Hall, built in 1742, was beset with chaos, and the then-mayor was disenchanted with the site from his perch. […]

City Life

TBT: The Battle That Started the Revolutionary War

The British were coming, but unlike what Schoolhouse Rock would have you believe, Paul Revere probably didn’t scream about it from atop his horse. Alerting the townsfolk […]

City Life

TBT: Counter Culture Icon and Radical Activist Abbie Hoffman Dies

Worcester native Abbie Hoffman was a legend. The prolific activist and counterculture icon pioneered the Yippie movement of the 1960s and made national headlines for […]

City Life

TBT: Historic Photos of the Glorious Fenway Park

Ah, Fenway: the country’s oldest ballpark and a true field of dreams. The park opened on April 20, 1912, and has been home to Red […]

a portrait of Dorothea Dix
City Life

TBT: Dorothea Dix Visits East Cambridge Jail for the First Time

Getting political traction and starting a revolution is no small task—especially if you’re a woman in the 19th century. But Dorothea Dix was one of […]

photo of Harvard Medical school
City Life

TBT: Trial for Murder at Harvard Medical School Begins

True crime is dramatized in every corner of the entertainment world. From Serial and Law and Order to Making a Murderer and American Crime Story, there is no shortage […]

City Life

TBT: Maine Becomes a State, Breaks Up with Massachusetts

Ah, Maine, that beautiful enigma. It’s got stunning vacation homes, the “prestigious” marker of being the first official dry state, and the honor of hosting the iconic Oxford comma […]