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Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.


Gronk, Calling Himself "Mr. Recovery," Is Getting into the CBD Game

He’s partnering with a CBD company and calling on pro sports leagues to allow its use.


The Rock Was Spotted Reading Elizabeth Warren’s Book on Ballers

In the first scene of the HBO show’s premiere, he can be seen reading This Fight Is Our Fight.


David Ortiz Has Ed Davis on the Case in His Shooting Investigation

He reportedly hired the former Boston Police commissioner to help sort out what happened in the Dominican Republic.


MIT Says Taking Jeffrey Epstein’s $800,000 in Donations Was a Mistake

President L. Rafael Reif outlined the scale of the university’s ties with the disgraced billionaire, and says he will try to make it right.


There’s a 6-8 Foot Burmese Python on the Loose in Newton

It slithered out of a backyard on Tuesday.

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The Christopher Kimball and America’s Test Kitchen Lawsuit Is Over

The home-cooking mogul and the recipe empire he founded have agreed to a settlement


Patriots Safety Patrick Chung Was Indicted for Cocaine Possession

He faces a felony drug charge in New Hampshire, according to reports.


In a Fight with a Woburn Font Company, He Used the Ultimate Burn: Comic Sans

Nothing but respect for this typographical roasting.


MIT Figures Are Leaving over the Media Lab’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

They said their conscience wouldn’t allow them to stay.


Cambridge Police Learned What Happens When You Help a Skunk, the Smelly Way

A video shows the rescue, and the consequences.


Ken Jennings’ Gentle and Sweet Redefinition of "Masshole"



MIT’s Joi Ito on Work with Jeff Epstein: "I Am Terribly Sorry"

The director of the MIT Media Lab says he regrets taking donations from the accused pedophile.


It’s a Maine-nado!

A confirmed twister was caught on camera in the state this week, the first of the year.


A Man Drove a Truck into a Crowd of Anti-ICE Protesters in Rhode Island

Captain Thomas Woodworth at the Wyatt Detention Facility has been placed on leave after a truck was seen plowing into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, injuring two.


In Opening a Safe Injection Site, Somerville Would Call Feds’ Bluff

Mayor Joe Curtatone says the city plans to launch one as early as next year.